Thanks for staying with us and we hope you enjoyed your stay.  Our cleaners may not be able to come immediately following your stay, so please go through this checklist to make sure checkout and cleaning go smoothly.  Mainly, just try to leave the condo like you found it.


Checkout on time

There is no official checkout procedure.  Leave everything at the condo and lock the door.


Leave linens on the beds and wet towels in the hot tub in the master bedroom

The cleaners will strip the beds when they arrive.  To keep carpets and floors dry, please put wet towels in the jacuzzi or the bathtub. 


Take out the trash and recycling

Since our cleaners may not arrive immediately, it will keep the space smelling fresh.


Start the dishwasher

If you have any dirty dishes, put them in the dishwasher and start it.


Empty the refrigerator and pantry

If it came with you, it should leave with you.


Television Checks

If you logged into any apps on the Fire TV, etc, did you log out?  If you need to relogin with our Amazon password, let me know and I'll give it to you.


Lock the Door

This can be done by touching the Yale logo.


Leave a Review

Let us know how your experience was.  Since purchasing in 2018, we constantly upgrade things in the condo, so knowing what needs to be fixed help us in prioritizing work.

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